Dan Soder from Guy Code and The YKWD Podcast sits down with Sam to talk radio, podcasting, quitting drinking, Nintendo 64, being a hypocondriac, and…more.
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Sam recaps his trip from LA, post-VMA partying, being married confidence, and Miley Cyrus outrage.
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Sam is traveling today, so does a podcast to say there won't be a podcast.
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The Conjuring was great, Jobs wasn't, Bill Gates is a wonderful man, and Sam won't change.
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Sam's trip to Montreal for Just for Laughs, eating salmon, and maturing.
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A break down of the Kanye West backlash, and why he has won Sam over.
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Shaq Soda in the summer, race as a non issue, and THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!
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Babies got Sam sick and he got anxiety, Jess chimes in, Big Brother is getting racist, and Sam watched Naked and Affraid.
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Sam is reorganizing, watching NBC, getting upset about adults going to camp, and loving the dude who created Bebo.
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Sam hates fake twitter followers, tries to pick some sports teams, and likes talking to old ladies about sex.
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