Red Foo hosts the EMAs, Richie Incognito is bullying, and Virgil is a pop culture icon.
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Sam talks to David Shoemaker aka The Masked Man about his new book, The Squared Circle - Life, Death, & Professional Wrestling.
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Halloween, declaring blackface against the rules, GTA V, and WWE 2K14.
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Sam is no longer and Apple fan boy, Bruiser Brody the cat is getting fancy, and Sam talks about his big Jenna Jameson interview earlier this week.
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The Chinese Food song is out, damaging lives via a black guy in a panda suit, someone is suing the Insane Clown Posse.
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Starbucks Drake Hands is a thing, Sam makes a parody, cleaning out your ears, and Gravity.
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Comedian Ari Shaffir is on the podcast talking about being in NY, having sex with a black woman, his views on monogamy, and more...
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Sam's cat is keeping him up late, Sam wants to be a criminal because of GTA 5, and not waiting for an iPhone.
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Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 in New York talks to Sam about being a white Jewish guy at Hot 97, wrestling, women, and a lot more.
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Sam talks about turning 30, escaping youth, the Rennessaince Fair, and being paid to be insulted.
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