Sam spends episode 38 talking about the end of the world, fun ratios, instagram politics, and hustling.
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Sam talks about the necessity of being on the internet, taking care of his cat, being socially under developed, and the rapper, Krispy Kreme.
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Sam talks about his...medical procedure, his parents' aging and stupid dog, and pro wrestling getting stupid.
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Sam talks about the advice Jay Mohr gave him, trying to get his name out with a podcast, being unattractive, thanksgiving, and the Elmo pedophile controversy.
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Sam talks about the MTV show Parental Control, day light savings, laziness, Jess leaving him home alone, going to a wedding, and plays his interview with the girls from the show Arrow.
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Sam talks the Paranormal Activity series, Hurricane Sandy, being trapped in a hotel, and election day.
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Sam talks about snacks, the future of media, comic con, Christopher Lloyd, and the Hulk Hogan sex tape
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Sam talks about his viral video, interviewing David Blaine, and Apple's latest apology.
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Sam talks about being a moron, and his viral video making him King of the Internet.
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It's not September 11th. Sam talks about that, NBC, Apple, the new iPhone, Jerry Lawler, and Syracuse thinking he's awesome.
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