Sam spends episode 38 talking about the end of the world, fun ratios, instagram politics, and hustling.
Direct download: SRSO38.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:25pm EST

Sam talks about the necessity of being on the internet, taking care of his cat, being socially under developed, and the rapper, Krispy Kreme.
Direct download: SRSO37.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:43pm EST

Sam talks about his...medical procedure, his parents' aging and stupid dog, and pro wrestling getting stupid.
Direct download: SRSO36.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:32pm EST

Sam talks about the advice Jay Mohr gave him, trying to get his name out with a podcast, being unattractive, thanksgiving, and the Elmo pedophile controversy.
Direct download: SRSO35.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:00pm EST

Sam talks about the MTV show Parental Control, day light savings, laziness, Jess leaving him home alone, going to a wedding, and plays his interview with the girls from the show Arrow.
Direct download: SRSO34.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:45pm EST

Sam talks the Paranormal Activity series, Hurricane Sandy, being trapped in a hotel, and election day.
Direct download: SRSO33.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 4:20pm EST

Sam talks about snacks, the future of media, comic con, Christopher Lloyd, and the Hulk Hogan sex tape
Direct download: SRSO32.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:10pm EST

Sam talks about his viral video, interviewing David Blaine, and Apple's latest apology.
Direct download: SRSO31.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 8:10pm EST

Sam talks about being a moron, and his viral video making him King of the Internet.
Direct download: SRSO30.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:40pm EST

It's not September 11th. Sam talks about that, NBC, Apple, the new iPhone, Jerry Lawler, and Syracuse thinking he's awesome.
Direct download: SRSO29.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:50pm EST

Sam talks about his birthday, moving forward, his trip to Hawaii, and gets a phone call from Jess.
Direct download: SRSO28.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:20pm EST

Sam sits down with comedian, reality TV show host, and machine, Bert Kreischer, in his hotel room somewhere near Nyack, NY. They talk about the entertainment business, comedy, college, and laugh.
Direct download: SRSO27.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:25pm EST

Sam talks about getting in shape, being skinny fat, Chicago, and WWE firing wrestling manager AW.
Direct download: SRSO26.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:25pm EST

Sam spends episode 25 of the podcast scolding the cat, and talking about how consumed everyone is with what everyone else is doing.
Direct download: SRSO25.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:00pm EST

Sam talks about watchind WWE Raw's 1000th episode, Jess putting up with it, sleeping with celebrities, and Chick Fil A.
Direct download: SRSO24.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:20pm EST

Sam talks to Jessica Massa and Becky Wiegand, who wrote the book "The Gaggle" about dating, girls, and the like.
Direct download: SRSO23.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:45pm EST

Sam talks about sacrifices, eye doctors, and the service industry.
Direct download: SRSO22.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:10pm EST

Sam talks about his trip to Vegas with Jim Norton and Bob Kelly, the UFC, and being a hanger on-er.
Direct download: SRSO21.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 4:55pm EST

Sam talks about coming back to podcasting, his no cell phone honeymoon, and talks about his wedding.
Direct download: SRSO20.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:15pm EST

Sam talks about True Life, over eating, Jess' bachelorette party, Kim Kardashian's sit com career, and other stuff too.
Direct download: SRSO19.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:35pm EST

Sam talks about team work, his neighbors, Burger King, and has a heart to heart with the cat.
Direct download: SRSO18.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 8:45pm EST

Sam talks about online slang, reality shows, drinking, and his bachelor party.
Direct download: SRSO17.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:50pm EST

Sam talks about the podcast, conventions, Virgil, and a little bit more.
Direct download: SRSO16.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:10pm EST

Sam goes backstage at Ring of Honor Wrestling's 10th Anniversary show, and gets to talk to Cary Silkin, Steve Corino, and The Young Bucks.
Direct download: SRSO15.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 4:00pm EST

Sam talks about 20 second vacations, Shark Tank, and the new iPad.
Direct download: SRSO14.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:35pm EST

Sam and his friend Billy talk about some of the experimental weapons the U.S. developed in the 1950s.
Direct download: SRSO13.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 4:30pm EST

Sam talks about Netflix, traffic tickets, lunch with the world's strongest man, and John Cena vs The Rock.
Direct download: SRSO12.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:25pm EST

Sam talks about the ease of being an adult, jury duty, Chris Brown, and CM Punk.
Direct download: SRSO11.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:20pm EST

Sam talks about Lin-sanity taking over, going to the Wrestlemania 29 press conference, and Gov Chris Christie.
Direct download: SRSO10.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:30am EST

Sam talks about the Grammy Awards, doing laundry, and talks to his fiance, Jess.
Direct download: SRSO9.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 8:40pm EST

Sam talks about his work obsession, Jack White, gifts, and Jess being sick of him.
Direct download: SRSO8.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:10pm EST

Sam talks about global warming, his parking guy, and Demi Moore.
Direct download: SRSO7.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:25pm EST

This week Sam yells at his cat, talks about bad TV, GLAAD, and his apartment building.
Direct download: SRShowOnline6.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:38pm EST

Sam talks about SOPA, stealing, the government, and Apple taking over textbooks.
Direct download: TheSamRobertsShowOnline5.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:40pm EST

Sam does the show live from the bleachers of a wrestling show, and talks to Jess about being molested on trains.
Direct download: SamRobertsShowEp4.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 4:58am EST

Sam talks about celebrities giving to charity, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z and Beyonce's new baby, Ivy Blue.
Direct download: SamRobertsShowOnline3.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 2:58pm EST

This week Sam talks about Bathroom etiquette, Sinead O'Connor, and is joined by his fiance, Jess, as they talk about the most remarkable person of 2011.
Direct download: SamRobertsShowOnlineEpisode2.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:00pm EST






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